Hurt people hurt people. Injured souls injure souls.  We are a brokenhearted people.

Racism, ethnic hatred, and religious warfare could not take hold within us if our hearts were not already broken and turned outward seeking revenge.

We can learn to love instead of hate only if we have safe places where love is the doctrine of the community and the community always sides with love.

These kinds of communities are Love Beyond Belief™ communities.

Meet up and form a Love Beyond Belief™ community where music and words combine to rock souls, nurture hearts, and clarify minds.

We can stop the “rogues and despots,” but only if we are no longer a house divided against itself:

(See “Rogues, Despots and the Collapse of a P.R. Firm,” NY Times, February 5, 2018)

Remember: Being called a racist is a way of jacking up people who have been let down by their own social systems, governments, and businesses upon which they must depend to survive:

(See “Let Them Call You Racists, Bannon Tells Anti-Immigration Party in France,” NY Times, March 11, 2018)

We do not have to be poisoned by toxic systems that preach hate. We can love beyond belief, but only if we do this new work together. Why?

It takes a community to break a heart and it takes a community to heal a broken heart.

Human salvation is not a solo act.