I’m back. I spent the last three years on a vision quest replete with countless dark nights of the soul. I had to know how I managed to “forget” my childhood trauma for five decades.

I wanted to go sane.

The backdrop to my saga was eighteen years of therapy with some of the most renowned psychiatrists in the nation. This intensive work was not enough to heal me. It didn’t help me figure out why I was so brokenhearted and fragmented.

I discovered: my story was bigger than me.

I saw fellow sojourners, compatriots—tens of millions of “normal” high-functioning, “successful” Americans across our partisan divides and cultural-battle warfare lines—who were injured souls, just like me. Our personal histories differed but not what all of us had in common: our brains working overtime to ensure our survival.

Watch the Untrolling America promo at https://untrolling.org/ to understand what I saw. (The Untrolling America series fills in the missing pieces in my Learning to Be White book and my Cerberus blog series.)

The Untrolling Project

Can you help us out? My co-director and co-author of the series Jennifer Jennings—a CPA who quit her job as a financial director in corporate America to work with me full time—and I are asking you to become co-liberators.

Your contribution will enable us to:

  • Produce a fast-paced, attention-grabbing and sustaining, plot-driven “whodunnit” series showing how our emotions get hidden by trolls and if not untrolled will take us and our nation down.
  • Conduct workshops that reconnect us and create supportive communities that foster compassion and understanding that canhave a ripple effect throughout the
  • Create platforms for dialogue that bridge divides and promote collective healing.
  • Develop and distribute educational materials.
  • Support research for developing methods of untrolling.

Aspirational Outcomes of The Untrolling Project:

  • A More Cohesive Society
  • Increased Empathy and Understanding
  • Preservation of Democracy
  • A Model for Global Healing

If you can offer financial support, make a tax-deductible donation at https://untrolling.org/ and your name will be on the credit crawl of each episode of Untrolling America. Please share this email with anyone who might be interested in supporting this work.

Thank you.