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Thandeka is Visiting Professor at Andover Newton Theological School during the Spring Semester of 2015


Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs Sarah B. Drummond is pleased to announce that Thandeka is serving Andover Newton in the spring semester of 2015 as Visiting Professor of Affective Theological Studies. She is teaching the core Introduction to Christian Ethics Thursday mornings and offers an elective on Theology and Emotion Thursday afternoons.

During her semester at Andover Newton, Thandeka is helping advance the School’s grant-funded initiative to integrate science into the core curriculum. Thandeka has many ties to Andover Newton, most recently through a guest lecture to the Unitarian Universalist Community of Andover Newton Students’ fellowship and through a course with Dean Drummond where Thandeka’s career is the subject of a student group project.

Members of the wider community interested in Thandeka’s courses this spring can contact to find out information about Special Student and Lay Auditor opportunities.

To read some of Thandeka’s recent thoughts, see:

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